Property Management

One important role is that of liaison between the landlord and/or the management firm operating on the landlord’s behalf and tenant. Duties of property management include accepting rent, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for landlords, and doing credit and background checks on tenants. In exchange for the service they provide, property management companies charge landlords a small percentage of the gross rent collected each month.

Sure2move property managers have expert knowledge to help our customers optimize and protect their investment. Through established relationships with local law enforcement and Homeowner’s Association we come recommended by our customers.

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Terms and conditions

Terms set out below are the terms of the agreement between you, as landlord and Sure2Move as your agents. Before we can act as your agent there are a number of guidelines you must agree to, our terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

1. By law once you have signed our clients instruction form you must keep to its terms, please contact us if you would like to discuss any of the terms.

2. You must provide us with proof of ownership for the property in the form of a mortgage statement, solicitor’s letter or land registry certificate.

3. You must provide us with proof of photographic identification, in the form of a driving licence or passport.


You must have a valid gas safety certificate and energy performance certificate for the property before the start of the tenancy. If you do not give us a valid gas safety certificate or energy performance certificate we will arrange this for you.

5. Under the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 1986. The property must be fit for human habitation when you let it. We will inspect your property and tell you about anything we feel may not meet those laws.

6. You must make sure that all services i.e. gas, electric and water, are all connected and inform us of the suppliers before the tenancy takes place.

7. You must make sure all furniture and soft furnishings you provide as part of the tenancy meet the FIRE & FURNISHINGS REGULATIONS 1988.

8. The LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (SAFETY) REGULATIONS ACT 1989 AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (SAFETY) REGULATIONS ACT 1994 cover the safety of electrical appliances and wiring. Although this is not required by law we advise you have an ELELCTRICAL SAFETY INSPECTION carried out before commencement of the tenancy.

9. You must provide us with an address for correspondence.

10. You must advise us if you are going to live or work overseas.

11. You must provide us with two sets of keys, if we have to pay for the cost of copies you agree to pay Sure2Move a 15% surcharge.

12. Advise you to inform your insurers that Sure2Move has let your property and you have adequate insurance to cover injury to people living in, or visiting the property.

13. You agree to inform us if there are any restrictions in your lease or freehold documents, e.g. clauses preventing you from letting or parking. If you do not inform Sure2Move of any restrictions, and the tenant leaves because of them, you will still be liable for our fees and possibly may have to pay the tenant(s) damages.

14 You agree to repay Sure2Move if we receive housing benefit payments for your tenant, and the local authority decides those payments have been overpaid and Sure2Move has to repay the local authority.

15 You agree to give 3 months written notice to cancel your management and rent collection agreement.h1